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On Saturday, November 22nd, 1947 the Military Governor of the US Zone, General Lucius D. Clay, denied the appeals of the convicted defendants in the…
The full text of Vera Sharav's speech delivered at Nuremberg today
The Officer of the Guard will bring before the Tribunal the defendant Wolfram Sievers. Wolfram Sievers, Military Tribunal I has found and adjudged you…
Official Transcript of the American Military Tribunal in the matter of the United States of America against Karl Brandt, et al. defendants, sitting at…
Children’s Health Defense will be live streaming the following event tomorrow: On August 20, a compelling line-up of international speakers will travel…
Judgment: Fritz Fischer — GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS
Judgment: Herta Oberheuser — GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS
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Doctors' Trial: Never Forget