As much as we don’t like the idea of providing the genocidal philanthropaths and government officials a trial, we must. Because that is what is basic justice.

And yes, thank God for HIS true and righteous judgment, and may each of us submit ourselves to him so that we must not experience his judgment.

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Thank you for this much-needed commentary!

You write "Now, the Nuremberg Code, didn’t become “law” in the United States through this decision. Laws have to be passed by Congress and signed by the President, or at least not vetoed within 14-days of presentment."

In fact, the State of California HAS codified the Nuremberg Code into law. You can see that here:


There may be other states that have done this too, I don't know. But for those in California, it is worth knowing about.

Of course the more important issue, as you point out, is finding a way to enforce "universal moral principles", or natural-law principles. This is perhaps our greatest challenge, if we we wish to prevent humanity from being eaten alive by comic-book supervillains who are now accountable to no-one.

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Ash, I don't know if this is the right place to comment, but I hope you see it. A huge thank you for your efforts. I spent hours going through trial posts and following links yesterday. For some reason, many of the links don't work. Not your fault-the archive must have changed. It's truly amazing to read testimony of those who were involved and how they minimize their participation and attempt to highlight their humane treatment of those whose lives they clearly disregarded. That is certainly echoed today with the jabs, but also every time we in healthcare utter disdain for smokers, overweight people, anti-vaxxers, etc. Not to mention the all too frequent, "Some people should just be sterilized". Again, thank you for your work. I'll be sharing this around!

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