“These trials which failed to convince courts likewise failed to convince the German people of the guilt of their industrial leaders in the events which led to war. The trials of the military leaders had little effect on the German people.”

Sadly I am afraid the same is true for most people today.

Try to point out the relevance of avoiding certain search engines, certain retailers, certain payment processors, and one is scoffed as subscribing to irrelevant fringe theories. Or, merely that one person’s actions certainly won’t amount to much so why bother. Plus, convenience. “That’s just the world we live in.” Try to suggest that our own government had a key role in developing and then suppressing effective treatment for a particular disease, and - even among otherwise likeminded friends and family - eyebrows are raised and glances cast askew. Surely our GOVERNMENT, our government conceived of, by, and for the People, surely they would not be doing that. Well, maybe a handful of bad actors. But the whole behemoth, both parties and all… nah, that’s not possible.

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“ The trials completed the destruction of Nazism in Germany.”

Nazism, perhaps, in an officially recognizable capacity.

But clearly it did not destroy the beliefs by some that they are superior to others and therefore entitled to rule with impunity over those others, consent of the others be dammed.

We today have been dealing with the insidious worldview that has continued to command the minds of many globalists today. Nazism did not go away. It merely went underground and re-emerged by other names.

I imagine that you agree. That has been the point of your posts.

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Nov 23, 2022·edited Feb 8, 2023

I believe that some individual actions can prove to be more powerful than all the official actions of officialdom. Every word written came from a single mind. It may have been subject to a gauntlet of minds afterwards, but it originated in a single mind, and from there, many of those words have lasted through millennia (Know thyself, premeditatio malorum, the word of God is written on the hearts of men, etc.). I don't think what I write below will have that kind of staying power, except perhaps a small part of it, but here is my contribution:

What restitution can Fauci make?

1. Rectify his contradictions.

2. Admit or deny that he believes the planet is overpopulated.

3. Admit or deny that he agrees with efforts to create more death among humans.

4. Estimate his profit from COVID19 vaccine companies and other sham medicines like that AIDS drug, including profits of organizations with which he is in any way affiliated, and commit to disbursing ALL those profits except for the cost of #5 back to the people most negatively affected by his handling of the so-called pandemic.

5. Commit to psychological counseling to heal from anything that damaged him and to discover acceptable ways to use his charisma and intelligence. I recommend Jordan Peterson.

Some of the efforts have been to get us to forgive and forget, and I agree with denying such requests. My passion is to inspire redemption. I understand that very few people believe that any of those responsible for atrocities would ever attempt redemption, but that makes any who do even more heroic.

I maintain a faith that if you haven't yet died, you still have a decent chance of becoming more conscious. The "zombies" each have a decent chance. If I didn't have this faith, I would not respect life. Instead, I would write people off and watch coldheartedly as they suffer and possibly die. That is a way of being I will fight with my life to avoid. This means that, in a room with mostly (or exclusively) zombies, I will find the tiny flames of good sense and feed them and nurture them as best I can. I plant seeds. I am comfortable with my place in the grand scheme of things as someone who offers hope, even when it's foolish to do so. Maybe I believe in "magic" if that's what it is when a "zombie" has an epiphany. Perhaps Catholicism has damaged me fatally and permanently by exposing me to the story of the prodigal son, whose return from ruin was celebrated by his family. I leave the light of love on for all. Even Fauci, but he has to earn it.

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Thank you ASH for your diligent work. Do you intend to also write about John J. McCloy and his role in history? I am still looking for original documents that show the recommendations of the Peck Panel und McCloy's final proclamation from the 31st of January 1951...

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Hello, and thank you for your post "The trials completed the destruction of Nazism in Germany. Nationalism in some form or other may revive again but not under Nazi leadership, which was shown not only to have used murder as an everyday political tool but also to have used it as a means of personal enrichment."

Same thing happening again today, for a Copernicus correctly observes "Nazism did not go away. It merely went underground and re-emerged by other names."

Or as I like to say, more profitable business, or a fourth kingdom, the Fourth Reich.

For it is still Germany at work today, Germ-many, the home of current germ theory.

Strictly though it is Prussia which was the basis of modern Germany. What other country has an acid named after it, one which killed many in the gas chambers.

More strictly still, the Nazis/Marxists/communists who all originally arose out of Germany. The problem has been that these are the same totalitarian views, Godless views, Satanic ideologies.

Underneath them the Roman Catholic church, more strictly the Vatican. It is not without good reason that 'Vaccination' is an anagram of 'Icon Vatican'. All roads really do lead to Rome.

Underneath them are the Jews, that is those who say they are Jews but are not but are of the synagogue of Satan.

These are among others those I will call the banksters, the Rothschild's or 'children of wrath', and the Rockefellers etc.


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a lot of the revisionist history shows a lot of the alleged war crimes never happened or in just a small fraction of what is claimed.... part of the propaganda effort against Germany was to break Germany as it had moved against the international financial order... against the world order... like 'science' today its really questionable as to what is to be believed

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